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A Maximum of 6 tickets may be bought for any one event or in any one transaction.

Arts at St George’s reserves the right to cancel and refund any individual transactions made for more than 6 tickets whether for a single or multiple events and / or any excess tickets above the 6 ticket limit.

You should receive 2 e-mails following your purchase, one from PayPal and the other from the Box Office with a link to your ticket receipt. If you do not receive the Box Office e-mail please notify us via boxoffice@stgeorgesarts.co.uk within 24 hours of making your purchase  so that we can resolve any issue and avoid a last minute panic close to or on the day. We cannot guarantee to resolve a issue revolving around non-receipt of a ticket link on the day of an event.

We operate a No Returns Ticket Policy which applies in ALL circumstances EXCEPT for the time being, at our sole discretion, cancellation by us as a result of Covid-19.

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Although tickets may be numbered for our events seats are unallocated and are taken on a first come first served basis

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