Refreshments will usually be available for purchase at Arts at St. George’s sponsored events and St George’s Chamber Orchestra (SGCO) concerts, before the start of each event and during the interval and during the interval for Beckenham Chorale concerts. They may also be available during performances depending on the nature of each event (not, for example, SGCO or Beckenham Chorale concerts).

When alcohol is available it will not include spirits or shots.

Licensed Cash Only Bars

When alcohol is offered for sale at an event we only do so having applied to Bromley Council for the appropriate licence under the Temporary Event Notices (TEN) Licensing Scheme. The usual licensing law applies including as to age and serving etc.

We reserve the right to refuse to sell, serve or otherwise supply alcohol to any person for whatever reason and more specifically we reserve the right to request satisfactory proof of age before selling, serving or supplying alcohol.

Audience members are not permitted to:-

  • Bring alcohol into the buildings.
  • Consume alcohol on the premises unless it has been purchased from our bar(s).
  • Consume alcohol outside the buildings.
  • Buy alcohol from the bars for consumption off the premises or to remove it from the premises.

Sponsored Events

Arts at St. George’s sponsored events are those of the annual Arts Festival and those outside it all of which have been programmed, arranged, organised and contracted for by and in the name of ‘The Arts at St. George’s’.

The Arts at St. George's