Venue Size and Seating

Events are held in the church unless otherwise stated for an event.

Seating Information and Policy

We do not sell ‘Standing Room Only’ tickets; seats are provided for all audience members.

Seats for Arts at St George’s sponsored and promoted events are not numbered and are taken and / or allocated on a first come first served basis; ordinarily they cannot be and are not reserved.

Exceptions to this are seating for:-

  • The Friends of The Arts St George’s and their companions in accordance with the Friends Scheme in place from time to time.
  • Guests of The Arts at St George’s and our artists.
  • St George’s Chamber Orchestra concerts where some seats may be reserved.

Beckenham Chorale concerts are not sponsored by or promoted by The Arts at St George’s.

The Arts at St George’s reserves the right to vary and / or modify its seating policy for individual events and concerts at its sole discretion and without notice.

Currently 75% of the nave pews have cushioning.  Audience members are welcome to bring their own cushions but if they do so we ask them to be aware that thick / high cushions could cause other audience members’ views to be blocked and result in nuisance or annoyance. We ask that you are reasonable in your choice of cushion and considerate in their use.

Some seats in the side aisle pews have restricted views; this is unavoidable due to the nature of the building.

When ticket sales are high additional portable seats may be installed at the rear of the nave and / or in either or both transepts.

Seating for the disabled

Seating in the nave and side aisles is inflexible and wheelchair and mobility scooter users who cannot ‘transfer’ can usually only be accommodated in the transepts on either side of the performance area. Accommodating wheelchair and mobility scooter users who cannot transfer requires advanced planning and depends on the individual event and audience numbers. We regret that it cannot be guaranteed.

To avoid disappointment we recommend that wheelchair or mobility scooter users, and others with any severe disability contact us before buying tickets to ensure that they can be safely, reasonably and sensibly accommodated. We do our best to do so but cannot guarantee to do so.

The Arts at St George’s can and does not offer any guarantee about seating location, quality of sight lines or sound. We ask audience members to bear in mind that when the building was designed the expectation would have been that the music performed here would be church or sacred music. It could not have been envisaged that the acoustic would be expected to accommodate the extensive range of musical genres performed here today.


At pop concerts you are welcome to dance in the church. Dancing is preferred in the side aisles and transepts unless there are large numbers of dancers.

We do however ask audience members to be considerate of others when not dancing by not standing in the nave and obstructing audience and lighting desk sight lines to the stage.


As a live entertainment venue St George’s Church is classed as a ‘small venue’ and has a permitted capacity of up to 499 persons. The usual policy of The Arts at St George’s (The Arts) is to limit event audiences to no more than 400.

In the aftermath of Covid-19, and until further notice, ticket sales for Arts at St George’s sponsored events will be limited to not exceeding 360 for any one event.

The Arts at St. George's