Ticket & E-mail Delivery

Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Live and Yahoo e-mail users

Since the start of 2019 your and other Free e-mail providers’ servers have been increasingly blocking our box office e-mails. This prevents our customers receiving links to their on-line ticket receipts and access to their printable tickets.

For the time being we do not expect to be able to resolve this problem.

PLEASE NOTE: Your PayPal receipt will not gain you admission to our events because it will not detail:-
1). The name or date of the event for which you have bought tickets or
2). The price(es) or class(es) of the ticket(s) you have purchased.

The Arts at St George’s reserves the right to refuse admission should you not be able to produce your valid Box Office Ticket Receipt on the door and accepts no liability in such circumstances.

You should expect to be denied admission if you cannot show your receipt.

PLEASE FURTHER NOTE: Ticket moneys are non-refundable in such circumstances.

To avoid disappointment, save other audience members and yourself delay, our very limited box office staff and our Front of House Team unnecessary work, WE RECOMMEND you use an alternative e-mail address for your purchase if you have one.

If you do choose to use one of the above listed provider’s e-mail addresses or that of another free provider for your purchase then you will need to do the following:-

1). As soon as you receive your e-mailed PayPal receipt check for receipt of the e-mail from boxoffice@stgeorgesarts.co.uk which contains the link to your on-line printable ticket receipt. The two emails are sent virtually simultaneously.
2). If you do not receive the box office e-mail:-

a. Check the spam and junk folders on your device and webmail
b. Notify us by e-mail to boxoffice@stegorgesarst.co.uk within 24 hours of making your purchase.
c. Include in your e-mail your contact telephone number so that we can contact you by phone if e-mail fails.

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