E-Ticket Delivery

If you buy tickets on-line then your ticket receipt will serve as your ticket(s) to gain admission to our events and you will need to show either a printed copy of the receipt or show it on your smart phone.

You should receive two e-mails on making your purchase, one from PayPal and the other from our box office system containing a link to your on-line ticket receipt. You need to check for safe receipt of our box office e-mail and if you don’t receive it then to follow the instructions below under Non receipt of Box Office E-mail.

PLEASE NOTE: PayPal receipts will not gain you admission to our events because they give no event detail nor the number, class or price of the tickets you have bought.

Free e-mail providers’ servers, in particular those noted below, can and do block our box office e-mails for unknown reasons.

Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Live, Yahoo and other FREE e-mail users

We recommend that, if you have access to a paid e-mail address, you use it when purchasing your tickets in preference to a free address.

The Arts at St George’s accepts no responsibility nor liability for customer’s e-mail providers blocking our box office e-mails or treating them as spam and we cannot guarantee to resolve non-receipt of ticket receipts unless purchasers give sufficiently timely notice of non-receipt.

The Arts at St George’s reserves the right to refuse admission should you not be able to produce your valid Box Office Ticket Receipt on the door and accepts no liability in such circumstances.

PLEASE FURTHER NOTE: Ticket moneys are non-refundable in such circumstances.

Non receipt of Box Office E-mail and Ticket Link

a. Check the spam and junk folders on your device(s) and webmail
b. Notify us by e-mail at boxoffice@stegorgesarts.co.uk within 24 hours of making your purchase.
c. Include your contact telephone number in your e-mail so that we can contact you by phone if e-mail fails.

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