Friends Scheme

When St. George’s Arts Festival was founded in 1992 a patron’s scheme was set up to provide the annual seed capital with which to underwrite the set up cost for the festivals. When the festival was relaunched in 2014 and renamed ‘St. George’s Festival for Beckenham’, within the wider umbrella of the Arts at St. George’s, the Patrons Scheme was replaced by a Friends Scheme.

Friends enjoy more generous benefits than those offered by the Patron’s Scheme while their annual subscriptions now provide the annual seed capital for the wider Arts at St. Georges project and its programmes which now run throughout the year.

Benefits & subscriptions

Applicable to AASG sponsored* events unless otherwise stated

• Priority Booking with 1/3rd off published ticket prices for Friend’s own ticket but also applies to all SGCO concerts

• Individual personalised Membership card

• Dedicated Friends cushioned seating area. Up to 3 companions may sit with a Friend

• Free glass of wine at each event (when refreshments served)

• Friends Reception with FREE Entry to ‘Northanger Abbey’ at 8pm Monday 26th June

• Autumn Friends Evening Friday 3rd November

• Annual Subscription: Individual £50 Joint Friends £75

* SGCO, St.George’s Choir, Choral Foundation & Players, & BYMT & Beckenham Chorale events outside the Arts Festival are not Arts at St. George’s (AASG) ‘sponsored’ events.

We regret that Friends may currently only buy tickets from the Parish Office to take advantage of their membership benefits.

If you would like to support the Arts at St. George’s by becoming a Friend you can obtain a Membership Form from the Parish Office (in the church) at High Street, Beckenham, Kent BR3 1AX.